Perth, Western Australia (22 October 2015) – Pool Solar & Spa exclusively offers Perth pool owners nano pool solar heating, a brand new technology and recently patented design that was developed to serve as a more efficient way of keeping pools warm throughout the year. The system is patented by Boss Polymer Technologies.

The Nano-Tek pool solar heating system uses composite solar collector tubes. By comparison, traditional solar heating systems use mono-polymer collectors, which are manufactured using a single compound. With the process of co-extrusion, two materials combine together to form the collectors in Nano-Tek, achieving a level of efficiency never before seen.

The exterior of the collectors are made of UV Matt Black compound, with the inner tube made of nano polymers, called NanoTek Graphitic, which transfers the absorbed sun’s heat to the water up to 30 per cent faster. This combination of materials has been shown in tests to absorb more incident solar radiation than its mono-polymer counterparts by up to 20 per cent. This combination, plus the 18 per cent more water flow due to the larger 8 mm diameter of the tubes, leads to about 40 per cent better performance.

This increased efficiency allows for more even heating with less solar panel roof coverage. The materials making up the tubes also show high chemical resistance in tests, along with improved durability against punctures and other kinds of damage.

Pool Solar & Spa believes this system will provide their customers with more value for money. To know more details about the system as well as the firm’s other services, visit

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