Solar Pool Heating in Perth

Our business started in 1996. The storey of our success is simple. Always use the best quality products available, and always do the best job possible.

We design, manufacture and install pool heating for some of Perth’s premier home and pool builders. This is a result of our quality installations and attention to detail. All our systems meet or exceed Australian standards for both installation and quality of material used.


A successful solar pool heating system by PoolSolarWA is the most cost effective way to heat your pool. A good quality, properly sized and professionally installed system should effectively double your normal swimming season.

The system should last 10 to 15 years with minimal maintenance. The benefits of a good quality pool solar system far exceed the cost.

Professionally Installed

We spend a lot of time talking about “professionally installed”, “ correctly sized” and “quality of materials”. These factors are crucial in the installation of pool solar heating.


We also only use tried and tested AUSTRALIAN MADE PRODUCTS. The quality of Australian made solar materials is the highest in the world.

Roof reticulation system

A solar system that soon turns into a roof reticulation system is really not much fun.

Australian market

Slightly cheaper imported solar panels / collector and associated equipment is finding its way on to the Australian market. Unsuspecting buyers are buying this material and are soon finding out the hard way. This is a shining example of false economy.


This strategy means, to us and our customers, that we have very few warranty claims.

EPDM Rubber

We DO NOT use EPDM Rubber for pool solar systems.