Your pool is a big investment, and you want to make the most out of it. Unfortunately, when the cooler season comes rolling in, you can’t exactly enjoy a nice swim without feeling the drop in temperature. Heating the pool is the obvious solution, but how do you do it without burning a hole through your wallet?

At Pool Solar & Spa, we manufacture and install DIY solar pool heating systems in Perth that will allow you to heat your pool at a fraction of the cost of a regular pool heater. It’s a natural and arguably more effective way to ensure that your pool is well heated all year round.

Using solar energy for pool heating is more energy efficient and effective than the usual ways to do the same. Unlike electricity or gas, solar energy is virtually infinite and a solar heating system collecting the sun’s rays for an entire day is usually enough to heat your pool well until the night. The best part? The energy from the sun is free.

If you’ve always wanted to make the most out of your pool even when it starts getting cold, we can provide you with DIY solar pool heating systems and kits in Perth. We’ve made them quick and easy to install for your convenience so that you and your family can enjoy the benefits of swimming all year round.

There’s no point in having a beautiful swimming pool if it’s too cold to enjoy. Remedy that now with Pool Solar & Spa’s energy efficient and effective solar heating systems.

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