We DO NOT use EPDM Rubber for pool solar systems


We offer stylish and high-performance solar pool heating in Perth. All of our solar pool heating systems are tailor made to suit your roof, whatever the size, shape and colour.
We use only commercial grade, high performance PVCN collector.
We also hand make our manifold system to ensure long life and minimum maintenance.solar pool heating manufacturer

All our systems are fully automatic. All of our systems have computer controlled controllers.

We offer a choice of colours for the solar collector. Our solar collector complies with the European Unions ROHS standard (Removal of hazardous substances) directive. Traditionally, metal based additives such as lead and tin had been used to stabilise compounds used in solar collector.

Solar Pool Heating Price

So what’s the cost of solar pool heating in Perth?

As a guide, we take the average sized pool 8m x 4m = 32 square meters. The Australian standard for sizing a solar pool heating system is based on the pool surface area. The standard is 80 % of pool surface area. The ideal is 100% of pool surface area.

In this exercise, we assume 100% of pool surface area, Commercial grade collector, single storey roof with 24 degree pitch, the roof being close to pool equipment area. This also includes a pump/auto valve and automatic solar controller. The cost to install, including GST would be around $4500.00 – $5500.00.

Some factors that will change the pricing include:solar pool heating installation

  • Double storey roof – additional safety provisions required.
  • Additional pipe work.
  • Split systems, multiple roof sections.
  • Slippery roof surfaces.
  • Steep pitch roof.
  • Coloured Matting

Venetion Solar


The visual impact of a solar system on your roof can be minimised using a colour matched solar collector. A new concept of colour matching solar collectors is the Venetian style of solar collectors. This style of solar collector reduces the visual impact of a solar system on the roof whilst retaining the benefits of a black collector collecting maximum heat.

The Venetian Solar system (patent pending) is proudly made in Australia from the finest quality, industry proven, materials. The Venetian Solar system offers you the ultimate solution to the standard, black flexible and panel systems available on the market today. The key difference between the Venetian Solar System and a typical solar heating for pools is the black section of the collector faces the sun to enable optimum heat absorption, whilst your eye sees only the co-extruded coloured strip, creating the ultimate illusion of full colour. The co-extruded, coloured section forms an integral part of the tube wall and is manufactured from the latest in polymer technology. From eye level, the Venetian solar will blend in with your roof. Venetian is available in numerous colours to ensure blending in to your roof is possible. So no more need to put the ugly black solar on your house.

Traditional colour solar systems, whilst they look effective and neat on your roof, are inefficient due to reduced heat absorption; black being the best conductor of heat) hence requiring more product on your roof and they have been far more expensive than the traditional black system. These problems are addresses with the Venetian System from Pool Solar & Spa. The warranty will be the same as a black system.

A fully installed Venetian Solar pool heating system heating a Perth pool - Call Pool Solar & Spa to install one of your own

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