Nano Tek Pool Solar Heating

Nano-Tek Solar Heating in PerthFlexible pool solar heating systems give us very good value for money.

The system is affordable in terms of cost, it is flexible in that it stands up to the extremes in temperature without cracking or leaking, and is durable in that a properly installed system should work for many years with minimum maintenance and cost.

The Task:

How do we improve a very basic technology system without foregoing any of the other benefits?

The answer:- Nano Tek

Nano technology utilizes the new patented technologies in manufacturing.

Nano Tek Pool Solar Heating is The Ultimate Heating System

The solar collector tubing is manufactured from multiple layers allowing the use of different materials in a single solar tube. This allows the manufacturer to use ultra high uv stabilized outer layer, with highly stabilized inner tubing with very high chemical resistance.

The materials are also infused with a compatible graphitic compound that greatly enhances the heat transfer through the material.
The result is that we have a highly consistent manufactured product, that is superior in performance in the desired areas, and increases the heating performance of the collector by as much as 40%.

All our systems are fully automatic and come with computer controlled thermostats.

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